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    Pastor Geoff continues to speak on our sermon series Acts: To the Ends of the Earth

Our youth ministries begin with children going into P7, getting alongside them as they prepare for one of the biggest changes in their lives – secondary school!

Our goal is to nurture these children in a God-centred environment, showing and teaching them about the life of christian faith as they grow into adults, equipping them for the life ahead.

Youth Zone: Majors

WHO: Boys & Girls P7 – Y9
WHEN: MONDAYS 7.30pm – 9pm

Majors is a fun night filled with sport, art and craft, practical badge work, games, Bible-based teaching and lots more.

We start every evening with prayer followed by a chat with the children about how the past week has been for everyone. We then play a couple of games, do some badge work, look at our Bible Studies, at which the children take notes, then finish with a final game before closing in prayer.

Throughout the Year we completed different badge activities: in Fit Defence the children learned about the benefits of fitness and how to use self defence. At Baking & Cooking, the children made Rice Krispie buns and top hats, airfryer pizza’s, and toastie-maker toasties. Messy nights but really great fun.

As always we spend time looking at a collection of Biblical themes. After following up on the JAM Club themes we looked at Christmas themes: The first gift of Christmas, Hope is here, Star of wonder, Peace be still, Prince of peace, and lastly The greatest story.

When we returned from the Christmas break we looked at the “I Ams” of Jesus: The Bread of Life, the Light of the world, the Door, the Good shepherd, the resurrection, the way the truth and the life, and the true vine. Finally this year we finished with “Grow with God” encouraging a pattern for Godly growth.

We love an opportunity to get out with the children, so took the children to Ards shopping centre, went bowling at the Ice Bowl and had a Leaders vs children competition, and at Christmas took a trip on the glider down to the Belfast Continental market, to experience some of the food on offer – the kids had a ball.

CONTACT: Mark Newell on 07525 857704 for more information

Each young person is a unique, individual, full of potential and made in the image of God. We believe that as they grow older and have to work through a series of transitions (including that from primary to secondary education), they require affirmation, equipping and teaching to enable them to make informed choices.

Within the Majors programme the same three core values are found – Spiritual, Social and Service.

Last year in our Bible talk we spent the first term looking at the Armour of God, looked closer at the characters in the Christmas story in November and December, and from January to March a different leader gave testimony of how they came to know Jesus, leaving time each evening for an open question time for the kids.

For our end of year Badges we did a Spiritual module, Learning to how to use the Bible, a Health & Safety module, where the kids made their own videos to show safety at home, and a Cycle & Road Safety module, where the kids were taught about the practicalities and equipment involved.


WHO: Boys & Girls P5 – P7
WHEN: FRIDAYS 6.45pm – 8pm

Our aim in Youth Quake is to continue to share God’s word and encourage growth and confidence in our young people in a safe, protected and fun-filled environment, bringing hope to both the saved and unsaved alike.

Youth Quake is a great end to the week for young school kids, with lots of different games every week (enjoyed by both children and leaders!) a Bible talk then tuck followed by chat time at the end of evening.

We’ve so many kids the past few years that we now split them into two groups, one staying in the hall for more physical/sport like games while the other goes to the main church hall. This works well allowing the kids with sensory needs to have a quieter option.

The tuck shop is always a favourite, and we continue to be blessed with ‘Little Leader in Training’, as the kids are encouraged to open in prayer or read any passages of scripture the leaders are focusing on that evening.

CONTACT: Carol Quinn on ‭07752 657982‬ for more information

Youth Fellowship

WHO: Boys & Girls Y8 upwards
WHEN: FRIDAYS 8pm – 9.30pm

This is a time and space for young people to spend time together doing different activities from games to team challenges, as well as going on outings. The evening normally begins with a good half hour of group games. This is followed by a short Bible talk and then supper and a chill time.

As leaders we want nothing more than to see the young people who attend YF put their trust in Christ as their saviour, then we want to see them grow spiritually. We hope that the teaching and the fellowship they receive in YF will help them mature as young believers.

If you are a young person we would like to emphasis how welcome you would we would really like you to come along and join in all the fun and banter.

Over the past year the number of children attending has varied from between 10 to 12 with a good mixture of boys and girls. They all join in with the games, and like to chat – it’s good to hear both their news and views.

CONTACT: Geoff Kennedy on ‭07912 523788‬ for more information