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Eagles is for young children entering their pre-school year P1 and P2. It is held on Saturday mornings from 10.30am to 12 noon during term time.

Eagles activities are designed to help 4-6 year olds develop;

Spiritually - learning about God,

Socially - learning about the world around us,

Physically - learning to keep fit and healthy and to experience a wide range of practical new skills.

Eagles is a fun place for the children where they receive affirmation and encouragement. In particular, it is our prayer that they will grow in their knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus.

Leaders: Evelyn Hogg, Edith Lennon, Louanne Birch, Connor Hamilton & Jean Rutherford
Contact: Jean Rutherford on 028 9181 3735 for more information

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Juno's is for boys and girls from P3 - P6. We meet on a Monday evening from 6.30pm to 7.45pm.

The aim of Campaigners is to encourage children and young people with a definite emphasis on spiritual matters. The Juno’s come for 4 years and we are starting a series of teaching that will take them through the main stories in the Bible during those four years.

Through a varied programme of weekly events we offer a lot of choice to our clansmen in developing new skills and meeting with their friends to socialise and have together.

Leaders & Helpers: Jonathan & Connor Hamilton, Marian Kapande, Megan Newell & George Woods

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Monday nights boring?
Too much homework?
Then push it to one side for
a while and come to Inters!

Inters is for boys and girls in years 7, 8 & 9,
and we would love to see you each week.

This year we will be looking at the life of Christ. We hope to put this across in an interactive and informative way so the kids can explore the truths of the bible for themselves.
We have a variety of activities including craft, games, cookery, tuckshop, PTA fair's and much more. Our aim is to have fun, build friendships, and most important of all, learn about God.
So if you are free on a Monday evening then why don't you come along each at 7.30pm until 9pm, and check out what we get up to!

Leaders & Helpers: Mark Newell, Denise & Tyler McCrum, Sharon Paul, Alan Petticrew
Contact: Mark Newell on 07525 857704 for more information

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This is a Parent & Toddler group aimed at the parents, grandparents and childminders of small children. We meet in the sports hall on Tuesday morning from 9.15am to 11am (Term time only).

The aim of Toddle-in is to establish a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where we can tell the women about Jesus, where we can get to know each other over a cup of tea or coffee, while the children learn to play and share with others. Around 30 mums/carers and up to 40 children attend weekly.

Most weeks we have about 18 children attending. There is a breakfast provided, and the children have time to enjoy a variety of puzzles, craft etc with painting being the most popular.. and messy!

We continue to have a prayer box available for prayer requests, and have had the opportunity to share our faith through printed handouts and speaking.

Leaders & Helpers: Debbie Hamilton, Molly Bennett, Violet Elliot, Edith Lennon, Barbara Melvin and Jean Rutherford
Contact: Debbie Hamilton on 028 9181 1245 for more information

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If you are a boy or girl in P1, P2, P3 or P4 then this is for you!

This is our time while the bigger people are at the Sunday morning service. We meet each Sunday morning in the downstairs youth room, where we hear stories from the Bible, make craft, colour in, play games and colour in.

...and every week we even get sweets from Zander!

The Junior Bible Class are currently working through material from the Good Book Company called 'Click' which provides ideas for craft & activities as well as a Bible story and message.
This past Christmas the children of the Junior & Senior Bibles Classes put on a brilliant nativity in front of the whole church.

So if you are P1 to P4, come along each Sunday and check out what we get up to.

Leaders & Helpers: Alaister & Laura Wilson, Christine Allen, Edith Lennon, Lisa McClean, Carol Quinn and Gary & Karen Warke
Contact: Alaister Wilson on 07821 450831 for more information

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The senior bible class takes place during the Sunday morning service. Children leave the service and go the upstairs prayer room for the duration of the message and then return again to the main church sanctuary.

The Senior Bible Class caters for all children who are currently in Primary 5 up to and including Year 7.

The Senior Bible Class use the 'Click'series, which presents a main Bible lesson and quizzes. There is also time for fun and refreshments.

Our aim is to present God in an easy, enjoyable and straightforward way that children can understand.

Over the past year the number of children attending has varied from between 3 to 10 with a good mixture of boys and girls. They all like to chat and it's good to hear both their news and views.

Leaders: Brian, Evelyn & Catherine Hogg, John & Barbara Melvin, Tanya & Alan Nixon, David & Inez Verner
Contact: Brian or Evelyn Hogg 028 4278 8740 for further information